Add Visual Excitement to Your Event

We rent projectors and LED monitors

Music and lighting can create a mood but video presentations will capture an audience. When you’re interested in adding striking visuals to your next party or event, consider having us set up monitors or LED televisions.

Vinyl Touch DJs LLC will get you set up with as many as four LED monitors. They’re great for:

  • Slideshows
  • Music videos
  • Video presentations

If you send us photos, we’ll put together a picture montage for you. Contact Vinyl Touch DJs today to learn more about our available LED televisions.

Project your monogram or logo on the walls and floors

Another way to add a visual element to your corporate event, wedding reception or party is to project a monogram or logo inside the room. Our custom projectors will give your gathering a branded ambiance.

Call 404-593-0523 today to find out how we can project your event name all over the room.